Created for a group art show Muppet Rawk II
This is based off R. Crumb's Cheap Thrills cover.
pen/ink illustration, digital color

INTRUDER comic newspaper #2 cover
pen and ink illustration digital color tone 2012

Commission of Elmer/Aylmer from Frank Henenlotter’s film Brain Damage. 2010
illustration, digital color

Universal’s Wolfman commission
ink and digital coloring 2016

Universal’s Creatures from the Black Lagoon commission
ink and digital coloring 2016

Masters of the Universe Tri-Klops vs Man-E-Faces commission
gouache, ink on board 2016

Artwork for group art show for the grand opening of Sizzle Pie in Seattle, WA.
watercolor, ink on paper 2016

Wonder Woman for group art show at Warlock Labs
gouache and watercolor on paper 2015

Record cover for Tax Evader
ink and digital coloring 2016